Comer fuera siendo celíaco

Eating out with celiac disease

Celiac disease is a condition that can sometimes cause problems when eating out. Many people can be affected by the limited variety of restaurants with gluten-free options. For people with celiac disease, traveling or simply eating out can be a difficult decision to make.  In addition, they may feel uncomfortable traveling with others who do not have celiac disease because it can be an obstacle when deciding where and what to eat. Maybe if they are accompanied by a friend or family member they will help you and understand you, but what if you are traveling with people who are not from your immediate environment? We cannot let this disease prevent us from making plans, but we must learn to live with it.

Here are some tips that are advisable to follow to make your stay away from home a pleasant one:

  • Choose a destination where there are enough gluten-free food options. Since the knowledge of the disease has evolved, more countries are implementing measures so that this group can enjoy more facilities. For example, airlines or cruise ships are always receiving customers with different intolerances and have been forced to adapt their menu.
  • Eating outdoors is also an option, how about visiting a place where you can eat while enjoying nature or in a park? Keep in mind that you will be able to prepare the food yourself and be sure that it is 100% allergen-free.
  • If you are traveling to a country where your language is not spoken, try to translate what you want to say well in advance so that they understand that you suffer from an illness.
  • You can also pack snacks in your suitcase so that you can eat them during your trip. Foods such as nuts or cookies will last for a long time so you can eat them whenever you feel like it.
  • Check the website of the coeliac association of that country, where you can find information on the gluten-free restaurant program. Enjoy the typical dishes adapted to your type of diet.

Traveling and suffering from a disease is not incompatible. There are always alternatives so that you can enjoy your stay away from home to the fullest. I can be a barrier, of course, but with the help of the internet and new digital media everything will be easier. Also, don’t forget to comment and write on the internet about your experience if you visit a place that stands out for the gluten-free products they offer. In this way, you will help the rest of the society that also suffers from this disease.

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