Por qué los celíacos siempre pagan más

Why do coeliacs pay more for their shopping basket?

Consumers with coeliac condition are aware that they have to spend more money on their shopping basket than the rest of the population. The vast majority of gluten-free products tend to be more expensive, with the coeliac population spending €538.98 more per year on shopping according to a study carried out by the Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations (FACE).

But what are the reasons? Although many people think that they are simply more expensive simply because they are gluten-free, there are several reasons why these products are more expensive.

  • Raw materials: The basic ingredients used in the production of baked goods, for example, are more expensive than those used in the traditional bakery industry. As a consequence, this is reflected in the price of the final products. Using wheat flour (or other cereals containing gluten) is not the same as using rice flour or chickpea flour, which are more difficult to produce.
  • Manufacturing: Gluten-free products must follow a strictly clean manufacturing process free from possible cross-contamination. Therefore, companies that decide to manufacture gluten-free products must have an infrastructure and machinery that is only used for the production of gluten-free products. As a result, prices increase in order to be able to amortise the machinery used.
  • The market: Although the population affected by the disease is growing, it still represents a minority of the population. The market for producers is very limited and the brands that dominate the market compete on price.

What you should know is that, although more and more people are consuming these products, prices are not going down. The reason is very simple; the coeliac consumer cannot avoid consuming these products.

So what can be done to help these people? The associations of those affected are calling for aid and subsidies, as is already the case in other countries around us. We must not forget that this is a health problem. And just as certain medicines are subsidised, this type of food should be given the same consideration, given that those affected have no other option but to consume these products. Another alternative is to try to prepare your own gluten-free foods at home, such as muffins or bread. ADPAN offers gluten-free flours of all kinds, as well as baking mixes and special baking mixes for the above-mentioned alternatives.

Even if you have to face some obstacles due to coeliac condition… don’t get frustrated! Always try to look on the bright side. At ADPAN we support you and will continue to innovate to offer you our best.

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