harina de maíz usos y beneficios

Corn flour: uses and benefits

In this post we will talk about why corn flour is a very healthy and suitable food to incorporate in our daily diet. It has been the food base of several civilizations and today you can find it in any supermarket in the world (and of course in our online store!). It is one of the star foods in the diet of people with celiac disease and has many uses. Read to the end and learn more about this food, you will be surprised!


Corn flour is gluten-free, however, that does not mean that it does not contain many other properties. Some of them could be minerals such as phosphorus or iron, carbohydrates and vitamins A, B and E. In addition, it is high in fiber, which means that it is very good for a varied and balanced diet. These nutrients provide a number of benefits such as bone strengthening, heart health benefits and antioxidant effects. However, it is still a somewhat unknown type of flour.


We tend to compare this type of flour with wheat flour and it is often thought that only people with celiac disease should consume it. Despite that thought, anyone who wants to include new ingredients in their diet should be encouraged to try it. For example, in Latin America it is widely used in the preparation of many of its typical dishes. Among them we can highlight the corn tortillas used to prepare tacos in Mexico or arepas in Venezuela.

As mentioned above, due to its benefits, this food should be used more in other parts of the world. If we talk about Spain, where wheat flour is widely used for breading, corn flour can be used for breading both croquettes and other types of fried food. How about the idea of eating a steak breaded with this type of flour? Or maybe some delicious squid with a touch of lemon? However, it is also good for making cakes or cookies, providing a sweet touch beforehand.


Finally, we can talk mainly about two types of corn flour intended for different uses. Corn starch, better known under the name of the popular brand Maizena, used mainly as a thickener for liquids, is ideal for preparing sauces. Precooked corn flour is available in yellow and white and is ideal for preparing different types of bread, biscuits and batters.

Now that you know more about this product, are you still not encouraged to try it?

Help spread its use and knowledge!

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