Alergia al huevo

Egg allergy

Eggs are one of the most common types of food intolerance among children, but a high percentage outgrow the allergy before adolescence.

The usual symptoms are skin rash, hives, nasal congestion, vomiting and other digestive problems, manifested within minutes or hours of intake.

Why egg intolerance may develop

Food allergy develops as an overreaction of the immune system to misidentify some proteins in the product. This antibody response releases histamine and other chemicals which cause the aforementioned symptoms.

In addition, if the child suffers from atopic dermatitis or other skin reactions, he or she is more likely to develop an intolerance to eggs, as well as if any of his or her parents have a food allergy.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid an exaggerated reaction, it is important to carefully check product labels, inform the caregivers about your child’s food intolerance and, if you are breastfeeding your baby, avoid consuming eggs.

Egg-containing products

Some foods that contain eggs are sauces such as mayonnaise, battered products and pastries.

Adpan does not want to leave anyone without enjoying food, so we offer you the majority of our egg-free and allergen-free products.

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