Eliminamos todo alérgeno

Allergen-free firm, this is our history


Adpan was founded in 1999 by Adriano Posada after a wide experience in the bakery and pastry world. Our company has always had the customer in mind, so when one of our clients asked us for the first gluten-free preparation, we did not hesitate to do so. From that moment on, we had no idea that our company vision would change completely.

In 2005, the FACE certified us as the pioneer company with a seal of guarantee with <10ppm gluten in all our products. 2017 was a huge turnaround for the company, and we designed new facilities in order to continue innovating.

Why we decided to eliminate all allergens

Producing allergen-free products is important because there are many individuals who suffer from food allergies. Food allergies are an immune reaction of the body to certain nutrients, and people suffering from such food allergies must avoid foods that cause allergic reactions, which can significantly limit their ability to enjoy meals.

By eliminating any allergens that may be contained in any of our products, we give added value to the diet, to be consumed by anyone with food intolerances.Moreover, thanks to the exclusivity of gluten-free production, we eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

Benefits of producing allergen-free

  • Improved food safety: the potential for cross-contamination in food production, processing and packaging is reduced, which improves food safety and prevents allergic reactions.
  • Allergen-free food production allows companies to expand their market by catching consumers who previously could not buy their products due to dietary restrictions.
  • This production helps companies comply with these mandatory food regulations in most countries.
  • Commitment to health and food safety.
  • Allergen-free food production helps protect public health by reducing the risk of severe allergic reactions.

Todays mission is “to improve the quality of life of consumers by bringing gluten-free food into every home”.

If you want to know more about us, continue to get to know us on our website.


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