Dia Internacional del celíaco

International Celiac Disease Day

According to the association FACE , Federation of Celiac Associations, today 16th May is the International Celiac Disease Day.
In past editions, in Spain, it …


How to properly follow a gluten-free diet

A gluten-free diet consists of eliminating the intake of all those products that contain gluten or derivatives of this protein. This elimination of gluten in …


5 Reasons not to miss Meat Attraction

Meat attraction is a trade fair that brings together thousands of operators in the meat sector. It is a great business and internationalisation opportunity for …

La pizza también puede ser sin gluten

Pizza can also be gluten-free

If the world’s population were asked what is the most widespread and well-known food in the world, they would probably answer that it is pizza. …

harina de maíz usos y beneficios

Corn flour: uses and benefits

In this post we will talk about why corn flour is a very healthy and suitable food to incorporate in our daily diet. It has …

Comer fuera siendo celíaco

Eating out with celiac disease

Celiac disease is a condition that can sometimes cause problems when eating out. Many people can be affected by the limited variety of restaurants …

Gluten cross contamination

Gluten cross contamination

Did you know that products that do not contain gluten can end up having it? This is known as cross-contamination. The most important thing to …

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